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How to use calcium aluminate powder?

2020-12-10 08:25:42

How to use calcium aluminate powder? Users who purchase calcium aluminate powder will think that it is difficult to use calcium aluminate powder. However, Pengda refractory, as the manufacturer of calcium aluminate powder refining slag, will tell you that if calcium aluminate powder is used improperly, it will not achieve the effect you need. Today, Pengda refining slag manufacturer will explain the use method of calcium aluminate powder, so that you can use calcium aluminate powder , simple operation, for your benefit while reducing unnecessary expenses.

Calcium aluminate powder is a gray white powder, the main component is the mixture of calcium aluminate (Cao · 2a1203) and calcium aluminate (Cao · A1203). It is slightly soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is alkaline with pH value of about 11. Calcium aluminate powder is mainly used for the production of aluminum salt products such as polyaluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, sodium aluminate, and can also be used to adjust the alkalinity and refractory materials.

Calcium aluminate powder is usually packed in plastic woven bags with a net weight of 50kg. It should be kept dry, waterproof and moisture-proof during transportation and storage. If caking occurs in water, it must be treated and reused. The reaction activity of calcium aluminate powder with inorganic strong acid is very high, and it can be started under normal temperature. It can simplify the process, reduce the cost and improve the product quality.

Polyaluminium chloride can be produced by the reaction of calcium aluminate powder and hydrochloric acid. When using, add water into the reaction tank and start the mixing slurry. Then add hydrochloric acid quantitatively, dilute to the required concentration, and then slowly add calcium aluminate powder for reaction. During the reaction process, the temperature in the tank will gradually increase. When the temperature exceeds 110 ℃, appropriate amount of water can be added to inhibit the reaction, so that the reaction will not overflow the tank. Add a small amount of water several times to maintain the normal required temperature. After adding calcium aluminate powder in use, react for 2 hours, and test with pH test paper when it is greater than 3 When the product is diluted to 26.1, the product can be precipitated by adding water to the upper layer, which means that the product can be precipitated by adding water to the upper layer, and the product can be precipitated by adding water to the upper layer.


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