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Main properties and uses of magnesia carbon brick

2020-12-16 14:43:40

Magnesia carbon brick is made of magnesia, reburning magnesia, fused magnesia, high purity magnesia, high quality graphite and bauxite additives. The price and performance of magnesia carbon brick are closely related to the graphite content in the brick. With the increase of graphite content, the strength of brick decreases, the thermal expansion rate decreases, and the residual expansion rate increases.

Therefore, the graphite content in the brick should be controlled at about 20%. MgO-C brick has low wettability to molten slag, and has excellent spalling resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for slag line of ladle, especially for multi furnace continuous casting. In order to meet the needs of clean steel production, the application of magnesia carbon brick has been expanded from slag line to side wall in ladle refining.

When laying magnesia carbon bricks on the ladle, it should be noted not to mix them with bricks with high content of SiO2. Otherwise, the local melting loss of MgO-C brick will be increased;

It is mainly used for lining and tapping of oxidation conversion furnace, hot spot of furnace wall of high-power electric furnace, lining of secondary refining furnace and slag line of ladle.